A poetic exploration of the queer form, wherein the internal landscape of the body makes up the auditory landscape of the experience.
Three masked performers insert contact microphones into their vaginas to create the soundscape for this multi-media poetry performance. The soundscape is manipulated by muscle contraction, manual stimulation, as well as electronic effects and looping. Over this soundscape we hear a recorded poem about non-binary sex and romance performed by various artists from the Texas queer community. The language of the poem is projected behind the performers on stage. 
Presented at Performance Art Night (Notsouh) in 2016 by T Lavois Thiebaud, Stephanie Murphy, & Michea Thacker
Presented at CAROL in 2018 by T Lavois Thiebaud, Emilý Æyer, and Rosalia Lucio.

POEM VO by Hank Jove, S Rodriguez El, Sol Peña, Emilý Æyer, Sean Penalber, Rosalia Lucio, Tonya Huynh, Lou Stnbak

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